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The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is a legendary and gruelling motorcycle race held annually on the Isle of Man, located between England and Ireland. Since its first race in 1907, the Isle of Man TT has become one of the most prestigious and demanding events in motorsport. This year, XHYPE is proud to support race teams in maximizing their motorcycle performance.

XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40: The Pinnacle of Motorcycle Oil

XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40 stands as the most advanced motorcycle-specific oil ever developed by XHYPE. Throughout this week’s events, numerous teams are leveraging its capabilities in machines ranging from 600cc to high-performance 1000cc engines.

Race Format and Qualifying Changes

A mass start on the 37.7-mile Isle of Man TT Course would be chaotic, so motorcycles set off in ten-second intervals. Previously, the top 20 riders started based on their numbers, with the rest starting according to qualifying times. However, now all riders start in number order, irrespective of their qualifying times. Qualifying remains crucial as it determines the eligibility to compete, given the limited grid spaces for each TT class.

Race Specifications

Superstock and Supersport Races: Four laps each.
Superbike and Senior Races: Six laps each, covering 150 miles and 226 miles, respectively.
Riders must pit every two laps for refuelling and occasionally a rear tyre change. The fastest competitors typically replace tyres every two laps, while some may attempt to complete all six laps on a single set!

XHYPE’s Role in Performance Enhancement

XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40 enhances engine protection and boosts horsepower with its Fluxion Ester Technology, making it the preferred choice for many racers. XHYPE Oil engines frequently achieve podium finishes, demonstrating superior performance benefits.

Unique Isle of Man Law

A unique law on the Isle of Man allows any competitor with a road bike license to legally ride their race bike on public roads from two hours before a TT race or practice session to two hours after. This law enables racers to return to the paddock quickly if they pull off the course, as opposed to waiting for team assistance, though they must still adhere to speed limits.

Versatility of XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40

XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40 isn’t solely for race bikes. It is also ideal for everyday street bikes, offering riders optimal engine performance and a consistent clutch feel. Whether on the track or the road, XHYPE Gravity Ride Moto 10w-40 ensures your motorcycle operates at peak performance.

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