Gravity® Drive Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil


XHYPE Gravity® Drive is a fully synthetic high-performance motor oil blended with our cutting-edge FluXion® technology it provides superior viscosity retention and maintains engine cleanliness.

Performance Engine Oil

Introducing the XHYPE® Gravity® Drive series, a cutting-edge range of engine oils designed to elevate performance. Engineered specifically for performance engines, both on and off the track use, Gravity® Drive Oils redefine lubrication excellence. Our oils endure severe thermal conditions even during cold starts, sustaining robust protection even under the most intense engine demands.

The Gravity® Drive oil range has undergone exhaustive real-world testing to ensure the utmost horsepower output, exceptional wear protection and unparalleled engine safeguarding, even in extreme conditions. A must-have for drivers seeking peak performance from their engines.

Unleash Peak Performance

More than just a lubricant; it's a symphony of innovation designed to elevate your driving experience.

With exceptional wear protection and high-temperature resistance for better-controlled oil consumption. Our performance engine oil stands as a fortress for your engine, providing unmatched protection against friction and wear. With advanced additives and a precisely engineered formula, it forms a robust barrier, ensuring that your engine components are shielded from the harshest conditions. Trust in our oil to be the frontline defender of your engine’s longevity and reliability.

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