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Ensuring your engine oil is adequately maintained is crucial for optimal engine performance. The oil within your car’s engine plays a vital role in facilitating smooth movement of parts, removing debris, and providing protection against potential damage. Given the oil’s hardworking nature, it can gradually evaporate, drip away, or lose its efficacy over time. Regularly checking your oil levels and replenishing them as needed is essential, and it’s equally important to change the oil regularly, with intervals as frequent as every year.

Understanding the right type of oil, whether partially or fully synthetic, and determining the appropriate viscosity, might be confusing. If terms like 5w30 or 10w40 oil confuse you, you can find comprehensive information within our blog. Alternatively, our oil finder tool is at your disposal – just provide a few details, and it will recommend the suitable oil for your car. Gain further insights into motor oil through our essential car oil buyer’s guide, or refer to your owner’s manual if you can locate it.

For those inclined toward a DIY approach, performing an oil change at home is a relatively straightforward task. If you decide to take on this responsibility, ensure proper disposal of the used oil. Find out what we are doing to protect the environment