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After some successful testing and racing at the XHYPE RWYB event at Melbourne Raceway, our very own XHYPE Hero Wayne Gill headed down to Santa Pod Raceway for the GTI Spring Festival 2024, a show for enthusiasts of all VAG marques: SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. And now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too, so we are bound to see some quality action.

Wayne Gill took to socials to update us on his success saying.

Lost for words again.. this car is unreal.. 9.72 still getting to grips with it all.. 1 thing for sure we definitely moving in the right directions

Accompanied by his mk7.5 VW Golf, Wayne participated in an exhilarating drag racing event at Santa Pod Raceway and the Volkswagen Drag Racing Club (VWDRC). The occasion presented an opportunity for club members to engage in demo sessions alongside the renowned Street Outlaws, offering invaluable track time for enthusiasts like Wayne.

Arriving promptly at 8:30 am, Wayne and his team utilised the early hours for meticulous preparation, including the strategic swapping of wheels and removal of the exhaust to optimize the car’s performance by shedding excess weight. Such attention to detail underscores the commitment to achieving peak results on the track.

Taking to the lanes at 10am for the first run of the day, Wayne navigated through initial nerves to deliver a commendable performance, albeit encountering some minor challenges along the way. Despite this, a respectable time of 9.85 seconds at 139 mph was achieved, laying the foundation for subsequent improvements.

With intervals of cooling time between runs, Gill’s second endeavor at 11:45 am showcased strong progress, culminating in a noteworthy personal best of 9.76 seconds at 135 mph. Particularly impressive was the acceleration, evidenced by an exceptional 1.45-second 60-foot time, underscoring the car’s formidable capabilities.

As the day progressed, with a quick top up of some XHYPE® Gravity® Drive performance engine oil and meticulous maintenance and adjustments he ensured the car remained in optimal condition for each subsequent run. By the time of the final run at 2 pm, Wayne’s relentless pursuit of excellence yielded yet another personal best, clocking a quarter mile time of 9.72 seconds at an impressive 139 mph. Our XHYPE Heroes are always engineered to WIN and notably, this run epitomised Waynes skill and the car’s peak performance, affirming its continual refinement and enhancement throughout the event.

Culminating in a triumphant display of skill and dedication, Wayne Gill’s efforts were duly recognised with victory in both the “Fastest 1.8 and Above” class and the accolade of “Fastest VW of the Show.” Following the awards ceremony, the team restored the car to its original configuration before embarking on the journey homeward, reaffirming its status as a formidable 9-second daily driver.

XHYPE Hero Wayne Gill’s exemplary performance at the drag racing event serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of motorsport enthusiasts and the relentless pursuit of excellence within the VW community and beyond.




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